Linus Gidlöf Örnerfors



Engineer in Electronics and Computer Engineering,

Part of the Research and Development team of motion control, and motor drive systems at Stegia AB

Freelance in Embedded Systems, Analog electronics, Software programming and PCB Hardware development

Sörby Gård 123, 733 92, Sala, Sweden



An engineer with knowledge in Electronics and Computer engineering. Hardware and software development for embedded systems. Industrial communication protocols in automation. Educated at Royal Instutute of Technology.

Educated at Royal Institute of Technology, in the field of Electronics and Computer Engineering. Specialized in embedded systems. Developing motor drive electronics in the R&D department at Stegia AB.

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I can help you with your projects in the embedded field. Hardware- and firmware development. Modeling and simulation of electronic circuits. FPGA´s and microcontrollers. Testing, assembly and production.

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Offers development of high performance and robust electronics for high temperature, vibrations and industrial applications, aswell as cost effective consumer products.

Recent Projects

From idea to finished product

All steps in the development process can be taken care of. Startup, development, prototype and pre-complance testing, certification, preparing for production and production.

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