I´m offering services in hardware- and firmware development of embedded systems, assembly and testing. Wired and wireless communication protocols, control systems engineering, signal processing and sensors.


Hardware is selected for the desired application. I use AVR microcontrollers for cost effective solutions, and STM32 when high performance is needed.

At the startup phase of the project, hardware are selected to the specific requirements due to working enviroment such as temperature,  computing power and power usage. When the hardware components is selected, the work with designing the schematics and PCB is started.

  • Robust solutions for industrial and medical field
  • Cost effective solutions for consumables
  • Microcontrollers, FPGA´s, STM32, AVR
  • Hardware communication interfaces, e.g. analog, I/O, CANOpen, RS-232, RS-485, USB, isolated
  • CMOS, operational amplifiers
  • Battery driven devices


Firmware is usually written in C-language for low level programming, and Python or Java for high level programming.

Test driven development, is a common firmware development practice that is used for embedded systems.

  • Test driven development
  • C/C++, Assembly, Java, VHDL, Python
  • Communication protocol stacks, e.g. CANOpen


Offers development of high performance and robust electronics for high temperature, vibrations and industrial applications, aswell as cost effective consumer products.

Recent Projects

From idea to finished product

All steps in the development process can be taken care of. Startup, development, prototype and pre-complance testing, certification, preparing for production and production.

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